Peak State Therapy

#150: Peak States (approx. 7 days) – online course
participation requires previous certification after completion of the Peak State Trauma Therapist course

Having been assessed for proficiency in the previous modules,  you will now learn Gaia command techniques to acquire Peak States of consciousness (Peak State Processes). The emphasis is on using these states for healing oneself and how to guide clients through Peak State processes.

Course Content Overview

  • Peak Experience to Peak State
  • Silent Mind state
  • Brain Light state
  • Inner Peace state
  • Life Path process
  • Observing and having supervised sessions with clients doing peak state processes
  • Creator Light


#181b: PeakStates™ Therapist Certification – what to expect (approx. 1 day)

The Peak States certification procedure includes an oral knowledge test and a practical exam for competence in client work. It also verifies the understanding of the safety regulations and legal requirements for practicing therapists, like liability insurance, understanding of the risks of powerful therapies and knowledge of what to do when something goes wrong.
The assessor, who for quality assurance purposes is never your teacher, usually charges a fee for assessment.
Graduates sign a licensing agreement with the institute and pay a yearly licensing fee or royalties for the licensed processes. Certification is done after Course #170 has been completed and all requirements for practicing as ISPS WHH Therapists are fulfilled.