Terms and Conditions

These training courses are designed specifically for currently practicing therapists, 25 years and older, with a goal of becoming a licensed therapist with the Institute for the Study of Peak States, joining our international network. Alternatively, the Life Path process may have been completed to become a therapist.
Lessons will be in English with translations into German and French available upon prior request. The training manual is in English and participants should be sufficiently fluent in English to confer with future ISPS colleagues.


  • completed at least 3 WHH sessions with a licensed WHH/ISPS therapist
  • applied for a free advanced scan and eliminated structural damage that could impact the success of the training (please apply to ingka@peakstates.com to schedule a scan if necessary)
  • must be free of drug and smoking addictions
  • participation in the Peak States Therapy Training requires prior certification on the material taught in the ISPS Trauma Therapy Training.


  • 3600€ training fee for the Basic Trauma Healing training
  • 1200€ for the Peak States Facilitator Training.

A non refundable down payment of 200€ to be transferred to the account specified below or (in case of transfer issues) to Paypal account fawkesthephoenix@web.de to reserve your spot and complete your evaluation for eligibility.
Balance due two weeks before the training by bank transfer, via Transferwise.com or Paypal. If money transfer is not possible from your country or prohibitively expensive you may bring cash on the day before the start of the training.

Account details:
holder: Margot Enyan
number: 8211452900 at GLS Gemeinschaftsbank Bochum
IBAN: DE26 4306 0967 8211 4529 00

  • The training fee does not include costs for conventional safety training and spiritual emergency training required for certification.
  • The training fee does not include certification assessment post-training required to practice as a therapist using the methods taught in training.
  • Cancellation Policy: A participant may cancel up to 14 days prior to the start date with a cancellation fee of 200€. If cancellation after this period is resulting from health or family issues preventing completion of the training the participant will be refunded 80% of the total fee for the number of days missed. The participant is encouraged to participate in the next training at a negotiated reduced rate. Quitting training due to unresolved psychological issues does not constitute grounds for refund. In such cases we will do our best to help you through your issue, but will require full training fees to be paid.


  • Participants should plan to spend 30-40€€ per day for lodging, meals and transportation for in-presence trainings.
  • At our venues either a cook will be available and low carb/paleo, vegetarian or raw food will be available upon advance request or self catering will be possible.
  • Transportation to and from the training venue is the responsibility of each participant but we’ll be happy to give recommendations. Talk to Ingka. It is advised to schedule a few days for acclimatization prior to the start of training if you need to travel long distance for this training.

Practice Sessions:

In order to integrate and practice the material taught during the training sessions free time will be provided with supervision. Participants are encouraged to invite friends as clients in advance for practice sessions online via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts during the second week of training. These practice sessions will be incorporated into your training and are part of it. Please be sure to collect your practice client’s contact details for themselves and a backup buddy using forms requested from Ingka.

Students who complete the training with me are offered a 20% reduction on any further work with me for themselves and their families.


  • complete all pre-requisites
  • transfer down payment
  • arrange for transportation
  • contact Ingka regarding accommodations and meal requests or book with a local hotel.
  • read Peak States of Consciousness Volume 1 by Dr. Grant McFetridge
  • read Subcellular Psychobiology by Dr. Grant McFetridge (this will be part of our training manual)
  • Suggested reading:
    • The Whole-Hearted Workbook by Paula Courteau
    • Peak States of Consciousness Volume 2 by Dr. Grant McFetridge
  • prepare friends for supervised practice session for week two of training
  • Pack:
    • notebook and pen
    • laptop/iPad, preferably with Skype installed
    • head set
    • comfortable clothing for sessions
    • according to climate:
      • swim wear
      • mosquito repellant
      • sun screen
  • This training is only for people without significant personal issues or potentially threatening health problems.
  • If in doubt, please mention this during your initial talk with Ingka.
  • If you’re not personally known by the teacher, you will be asked to fill out an application that discuss your background to see if it is a good fit for this advanced, experiential therapist training. You will also be interviewed.
  • Please read the textbooks before the class. We assume you have done so – in the short amount of class time, you will not have nearly as complete a learning experience without the thought and effort of reading ahead of time.
  • Significant pain and suffering can occur as we heal major life issues. If you are unwilling to go into these types of experiences, the therapist training courses are not for you.
  • Because of safety, liability, and licensing concerns, you will be signing an agreement not to use certain techniques with clients before you finish the certification process. Not everyone will be certified (just like with academic therapist training in psychology), so if this risk of your time and money isn’t one you are willing to take, this training isn’t for you.
  • In a few courses, some of the material we teach is still experimental and potentially dangerous. Read the liability and safety agreement form before your training starts.

Please contact Ingka to register, answer any questions or address any concerns:
Ingka Margot Enyan
Lange Strasse 38
29462 Wustrow, Wendland, Lower Saxony, Germany
mobile: +49 162 / 90 60 211
email: ingka@peakstates.com
Skype: PeakStates4You